Modern Bohemian Vibes

KK Pires™ is a design brand inspired by the modern bohemian lifestyle.  

What is a Modern Bohemian?

Modern bohemian is the blend of contemporary and ethnic design genres. A modern bohemian room has layers, unique  textures, and surprising combinations at every turn. Sometimes called bohemian mod, it could be described as thoughtfully cluttered. 

About the Designer

Kelly Pires is the designer behind KK Pires™.

“Like my art work, I find I am continually re-inventing myself.” – KK

Kelly lives in beautiful Denver, Colorado with her teenage son and  a sweet-faced Jack Russel Terrier, named Jack. She’s self described as being easily distracted by everything. Find her personal IG for a peek of what she’s doing now.

A surface pattern designer with a twist. 

Unlike most designers in the industry, Kelly uses photography and mixed media in her designs. Working with pixels instead of vectors, she specializes in realistic texture design for both 3D and 2D applications. Her creative portfolio boasts over 300,000 textures/patterns.