Everyday Activist Designer KK Pires


About the Shop

Independent Denver Based Print on Demand Shop.

We’re on a mission to support everyday activism by people like you who want to stand up for the causes they believe in. We do this by creating products designed to engage in  visual discourse. 

About the Designer

Just another white girl on the internet selling stuff. #blessed

KK Pires is both a brand and a human, female (she/her), Artist. Denver born, still there, probably never leaving. Cancer, double Sag, Venus in Gemini, INFJ, Gen X. Fucks with yin yoga, nachos and lagree. Swears only occasionally but with authority. Says she reads books, but actually just listens to books on Libby. Loyal heart. Cries in public for no good reason. Not impressed by your car. -Tinder bio 2015

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