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Cat Lady Feminist Doormat


Stereotypes are usually bad, but occasionally funny and true. So face this one head on and proudly display the Cat Lady Feminist doormat. Available only in pink because everyone knows that Cat Lady Feminists can’t get enough pink. Google it.

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Cat Lady Feminist Doormat

Tired of your neighbor watching you lug 20 lb bags of kitty litter into your apartment after your monthly Target run? End the speculation in just two weeks (approximate delivery time). Are you just a regular cat lady who doesn’t believe in political, social, and economic equality? Sorry, we don’t make a doormat for that. 

Measures 18 X 24 inches. Made with 100% polyester, 20 oz. loop carpet, trimmed in black. Slip resistant rubber durgan tread backing for nonslip protection.

Keeping your doormat clean

There is  a right way and a wrong way to clean your doormat. Do not attempt to wash your floor mat in the washing machine. 

We recommend a nice hand clean with cool water and allow to to air dry.

If you want to be a little extra and are ok with chemicals you can use Scotchguard™ or similar protectant to help reduce wear and tear.


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